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Task Management : Stay organize with Microsoft Teams Planner

If you're using Microsoft Teams, you can organize your team tasks by adding Planner tab to a team channel. By having Planner, your team can then work together within Teams to ensure tasks are being organized.

The main ideas are having this task management tools to set priority, due date of the tasks, description, progress status, get notification on the new , due or going to due tasks.

Here are the simple 5 quick steps on creating a Planner:

1. Add a new tab by searching on Planner

2. In the Planner choose either:

- “Create a new plan” to make a new Planner plan and add it as a tab to this channel, or

- “Use an existing plan” to choose an existing Planner plan to add to a tab in this channel.

3. Once the tab is added, a default "bucket" will be created and titled as To do. Buckets can be used to organize tasks and break them up into few tasks according to your project plan. Repeat this procedure to add as many plans as you want for your channel.

4. Now you can create a task in the Change Management Workshop bucket by clicking the + sign and completing the task name, due date and assignment fields:

5. Clicking on the task itself, will display the full details of tasks assigned. From here you can add additional details and context to the task and set the progress, priority, notes, checklist, attachment and comment. Now your team will be able to manage the tasks together and work more productively.

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