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Scheduling Assistant for Outlook desktop application

Getting a group of people to attend a meeting at an agreed time can be easier with the help of Scheduling Assistant. Outlook Scheduling Assistant is the one that allows you to see in advance at several people’s availability at once to find if they are available at specific meeting time and find the best time for your meeting. After knowing if they are free or busy, you can create a meeting request, add attendees and Outlook will send an email invitation to the attendees to adds a tentative appointment into their calendar. At this point, they can accept the invitation by agreeing on the suggested time and date or they can deny by reject or suggest another better timing. Once this invitation is accepted, it will automatically be added to the person’s calendar and the time will marked as busy.

How do I use Scheduling Assistant? 

1. Open you Outlook app

2. At the “Home” tab, click New Item > Meeting

3. At the meeting space, click on “Scheduling Assistant” to open the scheduling assistant window

4. Now you will be able to view your current obligations and meetings/appointments on the Scheduling Assistant screen. Availability will be listed as either Busy, Tentative, Out of Office, Working Elsewhere, No Information, Outside of Working Hour

5. You may add more attendee in your meeting and able to check their availability in real time. Click “Add Attendee” to add additional people in your meeting

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