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Microsoft Teams - The complete meeting and calling solutions

If you are a frequent user of Skype for Business Online for your messaging, meeting and calling needs, you will be familiar with all the features and functionality are now in Microsoft Teams as an Intelligent Communications in Office 365. Having a standard working life, calls, meetings and chats are the usual agendas in order to meet your business goals. The tools we use to host or attend meetings have a big impact on the experience and the meeting tool-of-choice in Office 365 today is Microsoft Teams

The Messaging

What Teams has to offer is the unified presence, federated chat, contacts and in-line translation capabilities. Microsoft Teams stores data on remote servers and runs all the live conversation in real time. One of the benefits is helping to facilitate instant interaction between one-to-one or one-to-many conversations in one time.

The Meetings

Meetings is one of the widely involved activity in any form of organizations. The need to gather participants in one meeting space, a room or a projector will be reduced with the ease of Teams meetings. And being an Intelligent Communications in Office 365, Teams


1. The capacity of supporting a large meeting of up to 250 participants;

2. Federated meetings provide the ability to host meetings across multiple


3. Meeting lobby to qualify your dial-in callers before they join your meetings;

4. The Dial-in Fallback support to ensure people can join a meeting even in the event

of network issues;

5. A Cloud-based meeting recording.

The Calling, the phone system

Deepen your customer engagements and simplify communication and collaboration for your customers by adding calling (PSTN) capabilities in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Join meetings from a phone or use Microsoft Teams to dial anybody directly . Meetings include a dial-in number spanning 400+ cities across the globe, making it easier for people on the go or without Internet.

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